Families Outreach seeks to help couples pursuing adoption by providing grants to ease the financial cost. The cost of adoption can be daunting, and we never want to see a couple discouraged from adopting due to the initial financial hurdle.


Our Adoption Grant Program is open to married Christian couples who meet the following criteria:

  • Adopting through a licensed 501(c)(3) agency
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Have completed a homestudy
  • Apply for a grant prior to the placement of child(ren)
  • Have the endorsement of their pastor
  • Can in good conscience affirm our Values Statement


How are grants determined?
(Families Outreach has adopted the standards used by Lifesong for Orphans in their matching grants program.)

Grants are determined based on:

  • Leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Needs of the child
  • Financial need of prospective adoptive parents
  • Referral and level of support from local church pastor/leadership
  • Availability of funds in Families Outreach Adoption Grant Program

Grant awards will be decided by the Families Outreach Board of Directors among the completed applications. Due to limited funds, not all qualified applications will be able to receive grants. Notification of your grant status will be given within 60-90 days after receipt of your application.  Trouble with the application or have questions?  Email info@familiesoutreach.org for assistance.