Out of Egypt, I Called My Son

The following is a guest blog written by one of our grant families this year, Josh and Kristi Ausbrooks.   Caring for the fatherless, loving the unloved, becoming a family, is picture of what God does for each us. Please read the Ausbrooks’ story. Rejoice with them and pray for the other families who are currently in the process of grafting a new branch onto their family tree. We are humbled and blessed to have been  a small part of their story and the story that God is doing in countless families around the world.  read more


Hello Everyone!  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Martha Edmondson and I am the Director of Mobilization here at Families Outreach.  God blessed me with the opportunity to come on staff with Families Outreach back in May and I am so thankful!  I am married to a man who loves the LORD and have a beautiful 10-month-old daughter.  God continues to prove his faithfulness to me over and over. read more

{Guest Blog} I was an orphan, too

A Blaze of Opportunities

A Blaze of Opportunities

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday- a day set aside during Orphan Awareness Month to come together with one voice for the fatherless.  As described by Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, “Orphan Sunday isn’t just a cause.  It’s about the blaze Christians create as they see and reflect God’s heart for the fatherless.  When we live out what James calls ‘pure religion’ through adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives, the world sees the Gospel made visible like nothing else.” read more

The Doors are Open

False Dichotomy?

False Dichotomy?

In the Evangelical subculture in which many of us live, there is often a perceived tension between evangelistic and justice related pursuits.  Dr. Russell Moore addresses this in a recent post – Gospel or Justice, Which?.  Check it out.  It’s a good theological discussion of an important theological issue, especially for those of us concerned with justice for the fatherless and fidelity to the gospel.  So when faced with the question of whether we need to focus on the Gospel or justice, we can confidently answer, yes.

A Chance at a New Future

Believing the Whole Gospel

Welcome to Our New Site

After months of waiting, our new website is up and running and we are very excited.  Many thanks to Kendall Moss, our Public Relations director (and guru of all things creative at Families Outreach), our web designer, Killer Bee Creative, and our logo designer, Andrew Kelsall.  Their hard work will enable us to better focus on, and to fulfill our mission of bringing hope to the fatherless.

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