Our recent trip to Haiti had a rather unexpected final day.  The last day of the week is typicallyCoast set aside for sight seeing, a trip up into the mountains or a day at the beach.  It’s like a reward day for the team’s hard work throughout the rest of the week.  Our team was planning a beach day at Wahoo Bay.  It sounded like a really nice resort-it even has real sand shipped in!

On Thursday evening, we were planning out the details of the next day.  What time do is breakfast tomorrow, how long do we want to spend at the beach, how will we spend the afternoon, etc.  During this conversation Bill mentioned taking the kids to the beach.  “Obama Beach is cheaper and the kids love the beach,” he said.  Until he said that, I hadn’t even considered the option of taking them with us!  (Honestly, I wasn’t super excited about going to beach, I would have rather spent the entire day down at Alex’s House!)

Nap TimeIf we each took the extra $10 we would save going to Obama Beach, bought picnic supplies for lunch, and chipped in the money we would have spent on lunch-then we could have EVERYONE covered!  So we did!  Truckload by truckload all 60 of us made it down to Obama Beach!

As we sat and watched the kids playing and giggling, I couldn’t fathom that we had considered lounging by the pool on our own!  Our two hours of lounging at the beach turned into four hours of joy for everyone involved!

The older kids played keep away with beach balls.  The younger kids had swimming races in the shallow end near the shore.  The babies napped on the pool chairs up the hill.  And the adults played and had just as much fun as the kids!



Check out some of the fun!


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