In August of 2012, we took our first mission team to Alex’s House Orphanage in Haiti.  Our team of 15 worked closely with  Bill Howard, the orphanage founder and director, during our week of construction.  Bill is a wise man of the Lord.  He left the church he was pastoring in South Carolina to devote his time to serving the street children of Haiti.  Our time with Bill brought many lessons and new insights; however, one has stuck more vividly than any other- “you must be fluid”.

Woody is one of the sweet gems rescued by Alex's House. Our team will get to love on him next week!

Bill explained the necessity of being fluid during our first evening devotional. As a seasoned missionary, I had “you must be flexible” practically tattooed on my forehead. (Not that my type A personality always fit into that statement, but I knew it to be true on the mission field.)  He explained that being flexible is good, but not quite the extreme we need to reach.  Something that is flexible can still break if stretched far enough.  Ah, but being fluid, that allows you to move quickly, readjust, and go with the flow.

Again, Families Outreach is mobilizing a team to Alex’s House this coming week.  Our team will learn the very basics of being fluid.  As we have been planning our week of service, every aspect has had options(ie opportunties to be fluid).  Will we stay in Kalico or Port Au Prince? Will we do construction or will it be complete when we arrive?  Will we do a food distribution or a bible camp?

Not a single piece of our trip is set in stone, but as I prepare to pack our bag of supplies I see the ability to do nothing more than the spirit leads.  We will have crafts and soccer balls if our ministry needs to be a bible camp to local children.  We will have ziplock bags and Walmart sacks if we are lead to do a food distribution.  We will have toothbrushes and toothpaste if we need to train on dental hygiene.

These are a few of the beautiful children of Alex's House we will serve during our trip

Here is a shot of some of the Alex's House family.

The most important supply we are packing is in each of our hearts’-the love of Christ.  Each team member has prepared a Bible story that portrays the gospel.  So regardless of where our ministry leads or how fluid we are required to be, we are prepared for one thing no matter what- to tell the the story and love of Christ.

So join us in praying for the 8 women we are sending to Haiti tomorrow.  They will arrive in Haiti Saturday and leave the country the following Saturday.  Pray for the Lord’s blessing on this team.  Ask that the Father will be glorified above all else.  And beg that dead souls will come to life!

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